Workshop "Theater of the Oppressed: Playing with Gender Identity"


Starts: 22. Juni 2024

Ends: 23. Juni 2024



Gender identities play a role in every educational format. In theater, we deal with roles. In this workshop, we will look at methods from Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed in relation to gender. In doing so, we will look at the entanglements of different forms of discrimination. We will focus in particular on the body in order to perceive and understand how social norms relating to our gender identity are inscribed in our bodies, how we have learned about these norms and what these ideas do to us.


The focus is on creating an unlearning space in which we can search together and try out new things. It is about understanding more with the body and speaking less. When working with the body, there should be particular space for emotions that arise when we deal with social power mechanisms and oppression and use these as starting points for change. We want to break out of two-genderedness together with theater and explore new ideas and potentials for political education work that is critical of discrimination.

The workshop is aimed at multipliers, team leaders in political education and youth work as well as interested parties. We will speak in spoken German. We invite people of all genders to participate, but ask cis-male participants to also use the location and occasion to reflect on their position and privileges. The venue is wheelchair accessible. If you have any further needs, please contact us.


Workshop leader: Fanny Nitsche has been working in power-critical educational work for 5 years and has been trained as a multiplier for Theater of the Oppressed by Kuringa Berlin since 2022. Fanny offers anti-discrimination workshops for young people and adults and works on gender and sexual orientation. Fanny is interested in how oppression and power structures are inscribed in the body and how space can be created to unlearn them.

participation fee: 20Euro


Let me know if you have any questions!

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