Online Workshop: Critical masculinity and anti-racism with Detox Identity


Starts: 22. Juni 2023

Ends: 22. Juni 2023


Online Workshop / Zoom

Together with Detox Identity from Cologne, this workshop takes us to the level of meta-reflection on the concepts of masculinity and boys* work.

In the critical examination of masculinities* in youth education, racist narratives are repeatedly reproduced. For behaviour that is discussed as toxically masculine*, the first explanatory approach is often origin. This creates categories of "us" and "them" and leaves out the actual discussion of patriarchal structures. The goal of this workshop is to critique toxic masculinities* without reproducing racist relations of violence.

The workshop draws on current theories of intersectional feminism. The presenters will apply methods of systemic counselling as well as interactive methods with small group work. There will be space for reflection and discussion. Participant-oriented, the trainers will emphasize the inclusion of the concerns and visions of those present.

About the trainers:

Fabian Ceska and Tobias Spiegelberg are from Detox Identity. The goal of Detox Identity is to encourage individuals and organizations to critically engage with masculinity and emancipate themselves from toxic masculinities. Through the intersectionality of critical masculinity and anti-racism, both gender and racism relations are addressed. The focus here is on privilege work, so that discrimination is (primarily) worked on by those who are not affected by it.

The training series is aimed at facilitators from the fields of civic education, social work and other professionals in youth work. This training series will be held in German and English language. We invite people of all genders to participate in the workshop, but ask cis-male participants to use the place and occasion also to reflect on their (corporal) position and privileges. basa e.V. strives to open a diversity-sensitive and discrimination-critical space with the series.

Participation fee

The participation fee for the event is 15,00 €. However, participation should not be hindered by financial means, which is why we may also could exempt you from paying the participation fee. Please contact us directly with your needs.

Date / Times

22.06.2023, from 17:00 - 20:00h

We will advertise the events separately. Participation in only one event is possible as well as participation in all events.


The series is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration, among others. basa e.V. is a recognized sponsor of the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

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