Good Climate for All*


Starts: 4 June 2023

Ends: 6 June 2023


Bildungsstätte Alte Schule Anspach, Neu-Anspach

Seminar on climate crisis and justice

The climate crisis is getting worse and worse. While drought and flooding have made climate change noticeable here in Germany in recent years, many people around the world have had to live with the catastrophic consequences of climate change for years. Hunger, flood disasters, storms and all sorts of extreme weather conditions make life difficult for people or even cause them to flee.

So the climate crisis is much more than a 'weather crisis'. Above all, it is a social crisis that raises questions of justice. Everyone is affected by the change in the long term, but not everyone equally. People who are already most affected by climate change are often those who have contributed the least to it. And the floods in Germany also showed that poor people or people with disabilities had worse chances than others in the face of the disaster.

Many people around the world are therefore demanding climate justice for all*! But what does that mean? What other consequences can climate change have and why does it seem so unfair? And most importantly, what can we do about it? We look into these questions and more in the seminar “Good climate for everyone*!”.

The seminar is organized in cooperation with the Toni Sender School in Frankfurt. It takes place in the context of the AdB program "Political youth education in the AdB" and is funded by the BMFSFJ with KJP funds.

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Dr. Anna Maria Krämer (she / her)

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Let me know if you have any questions!

Carolin Bernhardt (she / her)

Youth Educator for Civic Education

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