Yes, we play! A football workshop for girls*!


Starts: 16. Juli 2022

Ends: 16. Juli 2022



Sport, including soccer, is part of social life and has great potential to trigger social change processes. For many women*, playing soccer is more than just a sport. Playing soccer means claiming spaces in society where they are usually excluded. Advocating for the right to play soccer often means advocating for women* rights, equality and against discrimination.

The girls* soccer workshop aims to create an exchange between girls* and young women*, a safe space that allows participants to talk about issues they face and encourage them to play soccer. It aims to create solidarity and a sense of community through the shared enjoyment of the game.

Here, participants come together and share experiences of sexism, prejudice in society and in soccer, and talk about counter-strategies and possible courses of action. They also learn about different techniques. The focus of the training is not on mastering the techniques, but on getting to know the strengths and abilities of the individual participants and sport values (fair play, team spirit, respect, empathy, and responsibility).

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