Social Media and Me


Starts: 18. Oktober 2022

Ends: 19. Oktober 2022



Six people are standing next to each other, all looking at their smartphone.

Life, especially for young people, takes place mostly in the digital world. Texts over WhatsApp, videos on TikTok, YouTube and Switch, pictures on Instagram and Snapchat,... - digital world in everyday life seems endless. Social interaction is no longer dependent on face-to-face conversations but takes place all over the world thanks to social media: friends, no matter wether they are on the doorstep or on the other side of the world, are always aware of what's going on. Social media is more than just another app on the phone screen, it's a possibility to maintain relationships, celebrate successes and learn new things. On the other hand it's a place with negative impact, such as cyberbullying, hate speech and other negative self-experiences. Young people being confronted with it are getting younger and younger.

This Workshops topic is (digital) identity, which is formed by social media use and the internet itself. This relativly new phenomenom includes, on the one hand, the more or less creation of one's own digital identitiy in the creation of profiles in social media channels, but on the other hand, the production of a digital identity through the provision of our data and its evaluation by algorithms.

As users, we quickly lose track of what can be read about us, where on the internet. The supposed anonymity invites us to share all sort of information and that can quickly come back to us in form of cyberbullying and hate speech.

In this workshop we look at who we want to be on the net and who we are. We ask ourselves how algorithms can shape and use our digital identity. We deal with data protection and data economy. We make a detoxificationprogram for our social media accounts.

On the 2 days there will be 4 workshops. The workshops are held in cooperation with the Max Beckmann School in Frankfurt.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Dr. Anna Maria Krämer (she / her)

Youth Educator for Civic Education

Focus: Diversity and digitalization

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