Bildungsurlaub: Offen für Vielfalt – geschlossen gegen Ausgrenzung


Starts: 21. März 2022

Ends: 25. März 2022


Evangelische Tagungsstätte Hofgeismar

Gesundbrunnen 8

34369 Hofgeismar

*This event is available in German language only.

In cooperation with the Evangelischen Akademie Hofgeismar we offer the educational vocational program: Open for diversity - united against exclusion. We encounter racism on many levels and in many different forms. Sometimes it is brutal and open, sometimes it is hidden and we hardly recognize it as such. The strengthening of the right-wing populist party AfD as well as the violent attacks in Halle and Hanau are only two facets of the historically grown social power relationship 'racism'. Racism kills! And if we do not deal with it, it fundamentally endangers social cohesion.


But racism does not only take place on the right fringe of society. It has grown historically, with European colonialism, the church's missionary history, racial theories and slavery, and it shapes our self-image as white Germans and Europeans far more than we often think. Also, and especially in the context of the church with religious legitimations and conditions of structural racism, a discussion is needed. In order to initiate this and to tackle changes, we must also learn to recognize everyday forms of racism and to perceive them as a problem. We must also be prepared to embark on a long journey of self-reflection and engagement with our respective environments.

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*This event is available in German language only.

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