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We want to discuss current and challenging socio-political issues. To this end, we organize workshops, seminars and conferences for young people and trainers.

We are guided by emancipatory values, advocate for democracy and self-determination in our work. We take a diversity-sensitive, power- and domination-critical view.

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Living diversity is our motto. In doing so, we sharpen the perception of individual and structural discrimination based on identity attributions and strengthen solidarity with one another.


With our work we want to support people in finding strategies to increase their autonomy and self-determination as individuals and as part of their communities. We offer spaces for discussing everyday experiences of discrimination, which we can then use to develop new strategies.


Critical civic education must learn from history. In addition to visiting National Socialist and Shoah Memorials, we are dedicated to east and west german history and work towards anti-/colonial reflexion.


Non-discrimination, opportunities for participation, anonymity and freedom of expression for everyone was the great promise, which should have come to be through the Internet. We are committed to a self-determined use of technology, convey a critical approach to the media and give young people tools to form their own opinions.



A more just and equal society, in which women can actively participate according to their interests and desires, is only possible if girls are considered as a socially relevant target group. Although many changes have been achieved so far, there is still a long way to go.

Canvas city

Canvas City is a mobile, geodata-based Augmented Reality Multiplayer game for the educational sector.

The game is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 27, in particular at people who are less familiar with education and politics.


The "Project Researching Politically Motivated Violence. Understanding Terrorism and Advocating Democracy with Critical Media Literacy" deals with the social consequences of the discourse on terrorism.

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Learning with fun and emotions

Our goal is to create attractive civic education programs that are enjoyable not only for our participants, but also for us. Under the heading: "Learning with fun and emotions" we want to present facts in a playful and experience-oriented way - despite the occasional complex civic educational content. We want to arouse the interest of young people in political topics. In doing so, it is important to engage with them in their living environment with all the associated interests, aspirations, but also fears, in order to make their personal involvement in social and political topics visible.

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Our previous formats


We address social issues through play in order to lower the barriers for educationally disadvantaged target groups. We use augmented reality games, action bounds and escape rooms for this purpose. Our augmented reality game Canvas City makes abstract developments in digitalisation tangible and thus discussable. In story-based action bounds with escape room elements, participants work out the political content by solving puzzles. Through the game, the participants start the educational process much more easily.


We work in a participant-oriented way. BarCamps are highly participative and media-based learning-, meeting- and conference formats where the concrete content is defined by the participants.

Youth Culture

We work in a product- and lifeworld-oriented way. For example, we use street art techniques to creatively address socio-political issues and produce content for social media.

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Youth Educator for Civic Education

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Youth Educator for Civic Education

Focus: Diversity and digitalization

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basa e.V.

Basa e.V. is a self-governing, grassroots educational institution. Since 1984, we have been formulating offers of political youth education, youth occupational assistance and youth counselling. We are guided by emancipatory principles and advocate democracy and self-determination in our work. We stand up for the interests of young people. Our educational center should be a place where children and youth education can succeed.


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